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Fellow Arrowmen,

Welcome to our new OA members who went through Ordeal at Camp Baker, as well as our two new Brotherhood members, and five new Vigil members. It is time for our second (and last) Ordeal of the year at Camp Melakwa, and candidates who have not gone through the ordeal should attend. Actually, everyone should attend!

Our next event is Summer Ordeal at Camp Melakwa on July 22nd through July 24th. Preregister at http://www.tsisqan.org/index.php?file=prereg2.

We are changing our preregistration process a little bit, so do not be surprised if it looks a little different. Everything is still there, plus you can pay by credit card through the OTC office.

Please bring your own cup for drinking. This will cut down on the amount of garbage we will need to deal with on the mountain.


    Tsisqan Lodge #253, is the integral lodge for the Oregon Trail Council. It serves as the areas honor-camping society, and provides service and assistance to the council, mainly the council camps Camp Baker and Camp Melakwa.

    The lodge itself has been in existence since 1944. The original ordeal ceremony was held on March 4, 1944 at the Eugene Girl Scout Council house. Less than a month later on the 23rd, Jim Vitus of Eugene, was elected as the Lodge"s first Chief. Also at this time, Donald Gerretsen of Roseburg was appointed as scribe, and Walter Banks of Eugene was appointed as treasurer. This is also the time the first Charter was issued for Tsisqan Lodge #253. The name Tsisqan, derived from the Umpqua Indian word meaning deer.

    Over the years, the Lodge has helped organize and institute many lodges all over the northwest area. Hence the name "Grandfather Lodge." After many years of service to the northwest, the Lodge settled into the Section W-1A, where it stands today after more than 60 years of cheerful service.

Click here for a more extensive look at Tsisqan history.

For new members, check out the OA Jumpstart page to learn more about the OA Program. For additional information on the OA in general, check out the National OA Page. For leadership and training in general, look at the Lodge Leadership Development page.


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Postal Address:

Tsisqan Lodge #253
2525 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97401-5806

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Council Office: Oregon Trail Council

Lodge Chief:    Zach Colbert

Lodge Adviser:  Chris Graves

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